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Voice Over Services

Whether it is strictly for entertainment, for the saving of many lives, or to promote education, voice overs for commercials continue to thrive and grow.

So what is the purpose of voice overs in a commercial?

The voice you hear is an important element of any commercial as it conveys the tone of the brand and provides information about a product or service.

Depending on the target demographic and market, the voice may sound like an informed professional, the guy next door, or perhaps an expert or a scholar on a specific subject.

High-quality professional voice over Services.

Work with a team of professional voice over artists.

Our Voice Over services

Explainer videos

Appstycoon delivers innovative and creative voice-over services for explainer video content.We will produce a professional explainer video, commercial video, presentation video or slideshow video for your brand or company with real footages, text animations, voice-over recording, and uplifting positive music in the background.

Promotional videos

Appstycoon delivers proficient commercial voice-over services for marketing and advertising purposes. Our voice actors understand the importance of commercial message deliveries. They focus on the message being conveyed rather than the character. We understand the message to be delivered and convey it as per the requirements of the businesses.

Video Narration

Appstycoon delivers narration voice-overs for academic, corporate as well as entertainment content. Narrations delivered by our voice actors are well-researched and are written with extreme precision. Our narrations are descriptive, informational and well-explained for listeners to understand complexities easily.


Appstycoon is an e-learning platform that delivers professional voice-over services. We deliver voice-over services for various corporate and educational videos like Training materials, human resources videos, university course videos, explainer videos, learning modules, etc. Our voice actors keep a professional tone and take fewer risks.


Appstycoon offer a wide range of national and international professional voice artists to give your audio messages a voice.
Our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) voice prompts are produced & mastered in our professional state-of-the-art recording studios and are optimized for exceptionally smooth playback over any phone system. Delivered to you “ready-to-use”, in your required audio format and  Language with your unique filenames at no extra cost! Amazing Voice truly offers the best in IVR voice recording.


Appstycoonis a leading voice-over for historical, educational, inspirational, scientific or commercial purposes.Our professional voice over artist provide extensive voiceover narration experience for articulating your documentary content in a way that audiences can truly relate to. We cater to national and international clients and deliver voice-over services in multiple languages.

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